County Health and Wellbeing Committee

County Health and Wellbeing Committee Background

As per motion passes at congress 2013, each county from the 1st January 2014 to put in place a County Health and Wellbeing committee.
Donegal County Board set up this committee at a County Board meeting in February.

  • To assist the county board and the clubs in identifying and responding to the Health and wellbeing needs of our members in a planned and appropriate manner, both directly through appropriate GAA programmes and by way of signposting to the partnering with relevant local services providersfor training/education delivery.
  • Liaise with Provincial Council and Croke Park for support, direction and assistance.
  • The County Health and Wellbeing Committee shall establish a baseline audit of programmes and training/education needsin the county
  • The County Health and wellbeing Committee shall put in place an action plan addressing these needs over a 2/3 year period.
  • The committee will liaise with relevant outside agencies and engage their assistance in delivering the action plan.
  • This committee will make available resources to clubs to promote health, as provided by Ulster Council, Croke Park and other external Statutory, Voluntary, or Community agencies.
  • This committee will provide support, advice and signposting to clubs on health related matters
  • The chairperson will present a report on the work of the committee at County Committee meetings.
  • The committee will produce a written report to county convention to be included on the agenda and in the Convention Booklet.

While the GAA will always primarily be known as one of the world’s leading amateur sports organisations, our members and our communities remain at the heart of what we do.
A quick glance at the Association’s mission statement leaves you in no doubt about such ideals; We are dedicated to ensuring that our family of games, and the values we live, enrich the lives of our members, families and the communities we serve.’
To better achieve this the Donegal Health and Wellbeing Committee is helping the Association in our County to identify and respond to the health and wellbeing needs of its members, both directly through GAA health-related programmes such as the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) programme, the GAA Social Initiative, the RESPECT Initiative, the ‘Live to Play’ road safety initiative, and the Play in my Boots mental health resource for players and clubs. It will also involve signposting to and partnering with relevant national and local agencies who can provide services that may be of use to our members, such as Samaritans, the GAA’s new mental health partners.

Committee Members

The Health and Wellbeing Committee in Donegal is chaired by Kevin Mills and his contact details are

Kevin Mills Chairperson (087-2170806) Email

Committee Members

Roisin Doherty Buncrana

Anne Sherdian (HSE)

Alisha McBrearty St Nauls

Facilitate training for club health & Wellbeing officers

safe TALK workshops

Oisin Cannon PRO

Gary Duffy

County Action plan 2017

Critical Incident response plan

Road safety campaign

Mick McGrath (County Chairman)

Noirin Ni Dhochartaigh Secretary E.Mail.administrator,

Health Club project

Dermot Earley Youth Leadership Initiative

In our work, we receive guidance from the National Health and Wellbeing Committee, chaired by Ciarán McLaughlin, Tír Eoghain, support from the Community and Health team in Croke Park led by Colin Regan and the equivalent section in the Ulster Council led by Aileen Cummins.

Club Health & Wellbeing Officer role & description

Role description: The Club Health & Wellbeing Officer will work and liaise with the County Health & Wellbeing Sub-Committee to ensure that their club is availing of the supports, programmes, partnerships, training, and resources available to them.

  1. Liaise with the County Health & Wellbeing Sub-Committee and Club Executive Ensure the club is appropriately represented at training or other events organised through the County Health & Wellbeing Sub-Committee.
    Promote and support at club level any activities organised by the County Health & Wellbeing Sub-Committee committee.
  2. Provide reports, as required, to the Club Executive on plans and activities, including a report for the club AGM on work completed and any plans for the subsequent year.
  3. Ensure appropriate policies and activities are implemented at club level.
    Using the resources available ensure that policies such as the Club Drug & Alcohol policy template and the Club Mental Health Charter, are implemented.
  4. Promote health activities and partnerships developed at national, provincial, and county level that may benefit club members.
  5. Where appropriate or necessary, work with local service
  6. providers/agencies/charities who are seeking to make their services available to club members.
  7. Work with the club Executive to promote health messages at club games and events.
  8. Encourage the club to include the wider community (parents, past players, older men etc.) in any health promoting plans or activities.
Additional Information and support
  • The Community & Health section in Croke Park, alongside the GAA’s National Health & Wellbeing Committee, will provide direction and support to those working at provincial, county, and club level.
  • Training for Club Health & Wellbeing Officers and project team members will be provided at county level each year.
  • Existing resources available include the Club Tobacco, Drug & Alcohol policy, the Club Mental Health charter, the ‘Play in my Boots’ mental health support pack.
  • For more information and to download any of the above resources see
  • The Ulster Council has a dedicated Community, Health & Wellbeing section to offer support to this work in the nine counties in the province.