Programme for Senior and Junior Quarterfinals and Intermediate Semifinals available Online

The booklet for the Michael Murphy Sports and Leisure Championship quarterfinals has been available on line since last Friday under “Adults” tab and then by clicking on the “Programmes – Club Games” sub-tab. There will also be free printed booklets available at all games. The direct link for the programme is:


The key function of the booklet is to facilitate supporters and the press. It is generally the case that there will be some changes to the starting line-up for each club. This is normal, understandable and is rarely problematic. It can be very challenging, however, where squads are sent out wearing different number shirts than those specified in the programme – this is also a match regulations offence and punishable by a fine from the CCC. I would respectfully request that managers have respect for supporters and not indulge in this practice – it happened in at least two games last weekend.