Get the Green and Gold Blazing behind Donegal – Declan Bonner calls for colourful support

“Clones on Ulster final day – no better place to be” according to Declan Bonner. Talking to Paddy McGill, Declan speaks of the desolation of a losing dressing room – the Donegal players remember losing experiences and will not want for hunger on Sunday. Cavan will be fiercely competitive but so will Donegal and there will be no hint of complacency. Declan appealed for supporters to get their hands on as many tickets as possible and get the colours blazing behind the team echoing Michael Murphy’s praise for the fans “Donegal supporters are brilliant”.


In the Donegal Democrat, Brian McEniff echoes the call for vocal support, noting the “16th man in the stand does count” and cites the impact of the Roscommon crowd on their second half performance last Sunday. There are not many flags flying around the county yet – hopefully they are packed away in cars, ready for the trip to Clones.


Donegal Democrat, Tuesday, June 18 2019

Meanwhile, here is another little reminder of where we come from: