Feile 2019 – Killybegs guaranteed qualification in Division 13

Na Cealla Beaga, competing in Division 13, won well against Westport B on Friday afternoon at the Connacht GAA Centre and in their evening game they went on to defeat Oliver Plunketts to guarantee themselves a place in the Cup competition.


Westport B                                0-4            Killybegs                                     6-7

Oliver Plunketts                        1-7            Cortoon Shamrocks                 3-3

Cortoon Shamrocks                 4-3            Westport B                                2-2

Oliver Plunketts                       1-3             Killybegs                                     3-7


This morning, Saturday, they play Cortoon Shamrocks, who have also won both their matches, at 10.45 am in Cortoon