Feile 2019 – Four Masters look set to qualify as Group Winners

Four Masters, the highest ranked of the Donegal participants at Feile Peile 2019 look set to qualify at the top of Group A in Division 2. Last night, Friday, they defeated St Michaels from Galway City and Portarlington from Laois:


Four Masters          3-7            St Michaels             0-3

Ballinasloe               0-0            Portarlington        4-17

St Michaels             8-4            Ballinasloe               2-3

Portarlington           1-1            Four Masters          2-8


This morning, Saturday, Four Masters play their host club, Ballinasloe, at 10.45. With the hosts having already lost both their games to sides the Donegal town lads have defeated it seems likely that Four Masters will qualify for this afternoon’s quarterfinals as Group A winners.