Club + Card Benefits for Members

Costs only €200

All Adult Club Games within the control of Donegal GAA (Not eligible for games at U18 Grade & Lower)

All National League Games for your County.

1st Round of the Ulster Championship

Option to purchase tickets for the Championship as your county progresses.

Option to purchase All Ireland Final Ticket should your county have qualified No Attendance Record Required.

Donegal GAA Club Plus Card for Clubs

From each €200 Club Plus Card purchased Clubs will receive a rebate of €100 against their club levies on each Club Plus Card sold.The purchaser must choose the club from the dropdown menu. The rebate will be payable to the club once verified by Croke Park.

Senior Clubs 65 members

Intermediate clubs 55 members

Junior Clubs 45 members

For Season ticket Holders who have already renewed but may now wish to get a Club + Card there is a process where their Season Ticket can be cancelled & they can then purchase a Club + Card.

Please contact the Treasurer if you have any further queries