County Board thanks Mick McGrath for his five years of service

Mick McGrath’s five year term as Chairperson of CLG Dhún na nGall, which in his own words “had its moments of sadness, joy, fun and disappointment” is over. In recognition of his hard work, dedication and leadership the Board presented him with a Magee jacket.


In his final speech at Convention as chairperson Mick noted it was

a great honour for me to have worked with some great GAA Gaels, through good and sometimes difficult times in both our county and country. We remember all members who suffered bereavements during the year and especially we remember the terrible tragedy in Creeslough and sympathies to all families involved and the St Michael’s Club. There was evidence produced all through the pandemic of Covid-19 that the largest sporting organisation in this country, the GAA, was the connecting point for assistance and support of communication, with the aged and vulnerable in our club areas. I highlight and congratulate the clubs of Donegal for showing our elders that they matter. They matter to our communities and they matter to our association. We especially remember the 12,888 people who have died on our island since Covid-19 arrived. In particular I recognize the front- line workers who faced the consequences of dealing with the medical and stress on a daily basis. We the GAA in Donegal thank them for that”.

I congratulate all the county officers and sub-committees who have presented reports for this evening. It’s a true reflection on the standards and work that goes on within their committees. Furthermore, I acknowledge Cora Harvey who stands down as chairperson of the Health and Well-Being Committee, Dairean McMenamin, who stands down as chairperson of the Child Protection Committee, and John McEniff who stands down as chairperson of the PR and Marketing Committee. Thank you for your professionalism in your roles over the last few years. I thank the efforts also of officers who held positions throughout the last few years that are currently not in office, all your efforts are appreciated”.

Among Mick’s proudest achievements as Chairperson was the completion of Phases 1 and 2 of the Donegal GAA Centre in Convoy, officially opened in October this year and he paid special tribute to the officers and fund-raisers that made this landmark development a reality.


Fergus McGee will now take over as chairperson while Mick is not lost to the County Board and replaces Dairean McMenamin for his second stint as Childrens’ Officer.