There are three fixtures over the weekend in the Brian McCormick Division 1 League, as follows:

Divisional League Division 1 Section B
Sat, 12 Sep, Venue: Eamonn Byrne Memorial Park, (Round 6), Killybegs v Ardara 18:00, Ref: Marc Brown
Sat, 12 Sep, Venue: Parc na Rossan, (Round 7), Dungloe v St Naul’s 16:00, Ref:Val Murray

Divisional League Div 1 Section C
Sun, 13 Sep, Venue: Convoy, (Round 5), Convoy V Bundoran 14:00, Ref: Kenneth Byrne


There are also three fixtures scheduled in the Yes Chef Reserve League. However, these were made before the Reserve Championship was brought forward and are provisional at present. A decision on whether they go ahead next Tuesday or not will be made in the next two days.

Divisional League DIV 1 Section B RESERVE
Tue, 15 Sep, Venue: Pearse Memorial Park, (Round 7), Ardara V Kilcar 00:00, Ref: TBC
Tue, 15 Sep, Venue: Davy Brennan Memorial Park, (Round 7), Naomh Conaill V Naomh Columba 00:00, Ref: TBC
Tue, 15 Sep, Venue: Dungloe, (Round 7), Dungloe V St Naul’s GAA Club 00:00, Ref: TBC