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Senior Championship Rounds 1 & 2 Draw

By Sinéad Breen Donegal PRO Tue 8th Jun

The 16 teams in the Michael Murphy Sports and Leisure Senior Championship were drawn into into two Groups – Group A and  Group B – in the Donegal GAA Centre in Convoy this morning. Each club in Group A will play two home and two away games against a Group B Club. The Groups were drawn as follows:

Senior Championship – 2021
Grúpa A Grúpa B
Na Ceithre Maistri Realt na Mara
Gaoth Dobhair Baile na nGalloglach
Na Cealla Beaga Naomh Micheál
Naomh Ádhamhnáin Cill Cartha
Sean MacCumhaill Aodh Ruadh
Naomh Conaill Glean tSuilí
Naomh Náille Gleann Fhinne
Ard an Ratha An Tearmann

The Senior B championship fixtures mirror the Senior A.

The Round 1 and  Round 2 draws took place and the fixtures are shown below

Senior Championship – Round 1, 2021
Gaoth Dobhair v Baile na nGalloglach
Sean MacCumhaill v Naomh Micheál
Naomh Conaill v Gleann Fhinne
Na Cealla Beaga v Glean tSuilí
Ard an Ratha v Realt na Mara
Naomh Náille v An Tearmann
Na Ceithre Maistri v Aodh Ruadh
Naomh Ádhamhnáin v Cill Cartha
Senior Championship – Round 2, 2021
Naomh Micheál v Gaoth Dobhair
Glean tSuilí v Sean MacCumhaill
An Tearmann v Naomh Ádhamhnáin
Gleann Fhinne v Naomh Náille
Cill Cartha v Na Ceithre Maistri
Baile na nGalloglach v Ard an Ratha
Realt na Mara v Na Cealla Beaga
Aodh Ruadh v Naomh Conaill


Rounds 3 and Round 4 draws will take place in August/September, after Round 2 and Round 3 fixtures, respectively. All sixteen teams will be in a single consolidated league with the top eight qualifying for the Senior Championship Quarterfinals and the bottom four going into relegation playoffs. Unlike last year, in 2021 the 4 quarterfinals will be drawn randomly, an exception being that two clubs which have met previously cannot meet again in the quarterfinals. In the event of a repeat fixture the CCC may order the draw to be redone.

The C Championship includes nine Senior clubs and two Intermediate and two groups were drawn – Group A and Group B, the former with six teams and the latter with five, as follows:

C Championship – 2021
Grúpa A Grúpa B
Na Ceithre Maistri Gleann Fhinne
Naomh Conaill Glean t Suilí
Cloich Cheann Fhaola An Tearmann
Aodh Ruadh Ard an Ratha
Naomh Ádhamhnáin Sean MacCumhaill
An Clochán Liath


By Sinéad Breen Donegal PRO Tue 8th Jun

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