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Plans to complete Scór Provincial Finals by end October – National Finals in November

By Sinéad Breen Donegal PRO Fri 10th Jul

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic Coiste Náisiúnta Scór called a halt to the Scór Sinsir 2020 competition in early March. In the intervening period Coistí Scór at provincial, county and club level have been innovative in using social media and other fora to promote Scór. Molaim go mór na feachtais sin agus gabhaim buíochas le gach duine a bhí páirteach iomtu.


As Ireland now moves out of “lockdown” and restrictions imposed North and South are being lifted an online meeting of Coiste Náisiúnta was held to ascertain the views of Coiste members across the country. Arising from that discussion a number of decisions were unanimously agreed.


Situation at Present


At the point where Scór Sinsir 2020 competition ceased, three provinces were at provincial final stage and the fourth (Munster) had county finals to complete. Current regulations set 50 people as the maximum allowed at an indoor event and this will change to 100 in the coming weeks. A Provincial or National final with four competitors in each of the 8 stage events, together with mentors, adjudicators, stage, lighting and sound hands, stewards and organisers involve a minimum of 220 persons without an audience. While all the conditions attached to “Return to Play” on our pitches will not apply to Scór competition, a certain number will in terms of safeguarding competitors and others in contact with them. An event requiring overnight accommodation as is the norm in Scór All-Ireland Finals is fraught with dangers.


Agreed Positions


The members of Coiste Náisiúnta Scór were unanimously agreed on the following points:


  • The health and welfare of our competitors, their mentors and supporters and our officials and adjudicators remains our prime responsibility;
  • The completion of Scór 2020 is our number one priority in terms of Scór activity;
  • There is no appetite to push ahead and complete the competitions behind closed doors in three or more sessions per provincial and National final;
  • Competitors will require a reasonable amount of time to practice and prepare for their next performance;
  • The most prudent course is to wait until autumn before restarting competition in the hope that the situation will have improved;
  • On the completion of Scór Sinsir 2020, the next competition to commence should be Scór na nÓg 2021;
  • A degree of flexibility must be afforded to provincial coistí in their efforts to complete Scór Sinsir 2020.


Future Plans/Decisions

  • The All-Ireland Final of Scór Sinsir will be held at a date to be decided in late November 2020
  • The Final will be held on one day with an early start and no over-nighting involved.
  • Provincial Finals of Scór 2020 will be completed by the end of October 2020
  • Any remaining County Finals of Scor 2020 will be completed by early October, in accordance with a date set by Provincial Coiste Scór
  • Three Adjudicators per competition will be in effect for the All-Ireland final but an Adjudicator may adjudicate in more than one competition. Provincial Scór Committees can vary the three adjudicators rule for Scór Sinsir 2020 only. An adjudicator who adjudicates at provincial level cannot adjudicate in the same discipline at All-Ireland level.
  • Scór na nÓg 2021 will start once Scór Sinsir 2020 is completed with the All Ireland Final set for April/May 2021. Scór Sinsir 2021 will be held Autumn/Winter 2021.


Should the situation relating to Covid 19 change dramatically these decisions will be revisited if required. In all events changes will be notified in good time to give everyone certainty of the path ahead and time to prepare.

By Sinéad Breen Donegal PRO Fri 10th Jul

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