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Match Regulations Reminder

By Sinéad Breen Donegal PRO Mon 23rd Sep

Match Regulations Reminder
Match Regulations Reminder

In advance of this week’s quarterfinals, the CCC wish to remind clubs of the match regulations for the Michael Murphy Sports & Leisure Championships.


Monitors will be in place at a number of games in all grades of Championships and they will be reporting back to the CCC on all breaches of Regulations. A full list of regulations can be located via the link below.



In particular, clubs should please note the following:


Bainisteoir wears the No. 1 bib and remains on the sideline at their dugout or designated area.

Maor Foirne wears the No. 2 Bib and may enter the field during a break in play. He remains at the dugout or designated area at all other times.

Selectors wear Bibs No 3 and No 4, and can be seated in the dugout or the area designated for substitutes. They cannot stand at the sideline and if they do the club will be fined.

Medic shall wear No. 5 or distinguished bib and shall have access to field for injuries.

Cathaoirleach and no other person shall wear Bib No. 6. Any breach shall be a €100 fine.

Runaí or nominated person shall wear Bib No. 7, they shall be in charge of sub slips and teamsheets.


If any other person other than those wearing No. 2 or No. 5 enter the field of play then there will be an initial fine of €100, and subsequent fines of €50 for each extra breach.


If the Referee or linesman feels it necessary to remove any official wearing a bib then the official cannot be replaced.


The CCC will act on the monitor reports and we are asking all club secretaries tp inform their management teams of these regulations. No children under 16 can remain inside the perimeter of the pitch during the game.


By Sinéad Breen Donegal PRO Mon 23rd Sep

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