CLG Dhun na nGall recorded a surplus of over €300K on their accounts for the eleven months to September 2021.


Total income for the period was €1.08 mn, slightly up (€50,000) on last year, while expenditure totalled €0.76 mn, well below last year’s total of €0.97 mn. An additional €313K in capital funding from the House Draw is also included in the 2020/21 accounts.


Sponsorship income for the eleven months totalled €248K, €221K was raised from club levies and there was a total of €406K in transfer income from Central and Provincial Councils., Transfer income was up from €183K last year, contributed strongly to the overall surplus in the 2020/21 accounts. The bulk of the expenditure was on team administration expenses – a total of €571K. These were lower than would normally be the case as the County teams had a shorter training season, about six months compared to the usual nine.


In presenting the accounts, County Treasurer Alan Boyd pointed out that Croke Park funded a very high share of player’s expenses in 2020/21 as a result of Covid and this contributed considerably to the total of over €400K in transfer income.  He also pointed out that the government’s employment subsidy scheme, the EWSS, benefitted the County finances substantially particularly reducing the net amount spent on coaching and contributing to a net surplus of over €100K from Cúl Camps – traditionally Cúl Camps is a breakeven activity.


Looking to the future, the Treasurer forecast that the longer playing season for County teams, increased costs for the Donegal Academy and a substantial rise in the cost of maintaining the Donegal GAA Centre at Convoy would eat into this year’s surplus over the coming 12 months and on into the future as the costs of maintaining Convoy and running the Youth Academy are additional to what was spent on an annual basis in the 2010s.