Of the three Junior hurling games scheduled for last night only one was played with Dungloe retaining their 100% record with a home win against Four Masters. This completed the Donegal town side’s championship league fixtures and leaves them relying on Sean MacCumhaill’s winning their first game of the season to deny Setanta straightforward passage to the semi-finals and set-up a playoff game for fourth place.


Both Letterkenny Gaels and St Eunans conceded their games handing the points to Aodh Ruadh and Setanta respectively.


Michael Murphy Sports Junior Hurling Championship – Round 6

Fri, Sept 17, Páirc na Rosann, An Clochán Liath 5-14 Four Masters 0-12
Fri, Sept 11, Fr Tierney Park, Aodh Ruadh v Gaeil Leitir Ceanainn Conceded

Fri, Sept 17, Páirc Ui Dhomhnaill, Naomh Ádhamhnáin Conceded v Setanta,



Letterkenny Gaels are already through to the semi-finals as are Dungloe and Aodh Ruadh with the four catch-up fixtures still to be played determining the placings of these three teams (and either Setanta or Four Masters):


Sean MacCumhaill v An Clochán Liath

Sean MacCumhaill v St Eunans

An Clochán Liath v Aodh Ruadh Beal Átha Seanaigh

Setanta v Sean MacCumhaill


The full sets of results to date are:


17/09/2021 Naomh Ádhamhnáin Conceded Setanta
17/09/2021 An Clochán Liath 5-14 Four Masters 0-12
17/09/2021 Aodh Ruadh Ballyshannon Letterkenny Gaels Conceded
10/09/2021 Letterkenny Gaels 3-14 Naomh Ádhamhnáin 3-8
10/09/2021 Four Masters 0-9 Aodh Ruadh Ballyshannon 5-22
03/09/2021 Setanta 7-26 Letterkenny Gaels 1-1
03/09/2021 Naomh Ádhamhnáin 2-9 Four Masters 0-16
03/09/2021 Aodh Ruadh Ballyshannon 2-32 Sean Mac Cumhaill 1-0
29/08/2021 Four Masters 1-10 Setanta 0-13
25/08/2021 Letterkenny Gaels 2-13 Four Masters 2-7
20/08/2021 Naomh Ádhamhnáin 4-3 An Clochán Liath 5-15
18/08/2021 Sean Mac Cumhaill 0-8 Letterkenny Gaels 4-18
15/08/2021 Aodh Ruadh Ballyshannon 3-16 Naomh Ádhamhnáin 1-5
13/08/2021 An Clochán Liath Setanta Conceded
11/08/2021 Four Masters 6-24 Sean Mac Cumhaill 0-2
08/08/2021 Setanta 0-16 Aodh Ruadh Ballyshannon 1-19
06/08/2021 Letterkenny Gaels 0-7 An Clochán Liath 3-12


The Senior Hurling semi-final line-up is already decided with Setanta playing Buncrana and Naomh Ádhamhnáin taking on Burt,