The County Committee this evening, Monday August 30th, discussed two issues relating to the 2021 Michael Murphy Sports and Leisure Senior Championship. Firstly, a new regulation to give teams an extra degree of insurance against relegation in the event that they cede matches due to Covid. was approved. Below is the text of the new regulation:


Relegation and retirement due to Covid 19

Senior A Championship

Top 8 teams progress to Quarter Final stage of the Championship (Exception where a team is retired due to Covid 19 they shall be replaced in accordance with rule 6.21)

Bottom 8 teams progress to relegation playoffs ( Exception : where a team is moved from the bottom 8 to replace a team in the top 8, both teams shall not play in the relegation playoff)

The relegation playoff format to be decided by the CCC.

Intermediate Championship

Where a team reaches the Quarter Final or higher in the Championship and is retired due to Covid 19 then that team shall not play in a relegation playoff