Guide to Purchasing Streams


The link for purchasing streams of Michael Murphy Sports and Leisure Knockout championship games is now live on the landing page of the Donegal GAA website and on the Donegal GAATV site.

The link will take subscribers to a landing page showing all of this week’s matches.


For those users who have previously signed up to 247, and are logged in, simply click on the “buy live” button for the game of your choice and you will be asked to pay for the game in question or buy a season ticket.



For those not logged in, or first-time users you will need to click on the “Login” button at the top of the page and sign up or log-in before you can access the buy live options.



If subscribers have problems or queries there are two avenues for resolution:


  1. At all times there is a “contact us” option at the top left of the site;
  2. In the two hours before a game there will be chat box for resolving problems arising for that particular stream.


It is recommended that people who wish to purchase streams do so well in advance of throw-up. It is unfortunately the case that most people try to sign up minutes before a game goes live which can cause backlogs with queries.


CLG Dhún na nGall had hoped to offer a choice of packages and understood this was possible but it emerged that 247’s system only allowed one such option. CLG Dhún na nGall opted for the season ticket which we believe is good value at €30. It is planned to stream 24 fixtures on 247 (individual stream prices in brackets) and they are:


  • Oct 15/16/17: eight games – 4 Senior Quarterfinals (€4), 3 Intermediate Quarterfinals (€4) and 1 Senior Relegation Quarterfinal (€4);


  • Oct 22/23/24: five games – 1 Senior Semifinal (€5), 2 Intermediate finals (€4) and 2 Senior Relegation Quarterfinals (€4). The other senior semi-final will be broadcast by TG4;


  • Oct 29/30/31: four games – 1 Senior Hurling Final (€6), 1 Junior Hurling Final (€4) and 2 Senior Relegation semi-finals (€5);


  • November: seven games – Senior B (€4) and Senior Relegation Finals (€5), Intermediate A (€6), B (€4) and Relegation (€4) finals, Junior A (€4) and B (€4) finals. The Senior Final will be broadcast by TG4.


All of these games are covered by the Season Ticket. Games do not have to be watched live and replays of games already watched can also be viewed. A “buyer beware” warning, however, is that if one of the 24 games listed above cannot be stream due to unforeseen circumstances there is no refund of a season ticket available – an example this weekend is the Ardara v Glenswilly semi-final which was all set to be streamed but was re-fixed for a time and venue from which streaming was not feasible. CLG Dhún na nGall would hope that this was a once-off and will not recur.


This document gan be downloaded as a pdf from the link below. it can also be accessed at any time online on the Donegal GAA Landing page or at the Donegal GAA TV Site


Guide to Purchasing Streams