High temperatures and re-introduction of Water-breaks

Record temperatures are forecast today and tomorrow in Donegal and the  CCC have decided to introduce water breaks in this weekend’s championship games. A number of conditions apply.

  1. The water break shall be no more than 3 minutes and shall be blown by the referee as close as possible to the 15th minute in both halves only when a break in play occurs.
  2. The Maor Uisce shall be the only person allowed enter the field of play to provide water.
  3. Players shall remain on the field of play and shall not go to the sideline s /endlines or dugout areas
  4. All subs and backroom team and club officials shall remain in the technical area / dugout.
  5. Any person who enters the field of play and may a red card by the referee and cannot be replaced. A medic or physio may only enter when invited to do so by the referee.

See PDF below for match regulations:

Championship 2022 regulations