Donegal’s Central Council Delegate elected Trustee of the GAA


Donegal’s Central Council Delegate and Killybegs Clubman Niall Erskine was elected as a Trustee of the GAA at the Annual GAA Congress in Cavan today. Erskine is the second Donegal man to hold the position of trustee. In todays ballot Niall topped the poll and was deemed first elected on the third count. The Killybegs Club man can remain as Donegals Central Council delegate until July but may choose to stand down beforehand.

Number entitled to Vote 271
Valid Poll 271
Spoiled Votes / Non Transferable 0
Quota 91

Mick Hagan Wicklow 22 Votes eliminated after 1st count

Paddy Naughgton 57 2nd count +8 3rd Count +18 =83

John Greene 61 2nd Count +4 3rd Count +26 = 91 2nd Elected

Larry McCarty 58 2nd Count +3 Eliminated

Niall Erskine 73 Votes 2nd Count +7 3rd Count +17 =97 1st Elected