Following the identification of Donegal by Chief Medical Officer, Tony Holohan, as a problem area for following Covid regulations, Michael McGrath the Donegal chairperson has released an official statement on behalf of Donegal GAA, asking Gaels though-out the county to adhere to all current restrictions. The text of his statement is as follows:
On behalf of the Donegal GAA I thank all our members for their assistance, patience and co-operation with applying and working with the Covid prevention regulations since moving into Level 5 at the beginning of 2021.
In recent days and weeks the Government and the GAA have commenced on an easing of regulations which will assist our many youth members return to outdoor training. Our adult members are also aware of their Return to Play roadmap. 
With the continued increase of the distribution of vaccines we must all face the challenge of defeating the spread of this virus in a uniformed way. Unfortunately Donegal has continued to maintain a figure of unacceptable new cases, due to a careless attitude by the minority. The true strength of local sport in our community was really identified when we didn’t have it available over the months of 2020. 
I am appealing and pleading through the many connections within the Donegal GAA Clubs and families to refocus on the negativity and frustrations that Covid has brought to our society, and please refrain from ignoring the advise on social gatherings.
We have an obligation to assist the Government, the leaders of our Country, and the Front Line workers into fighting the Covid in a more sincere way, and let’s show the rest of the country that we can reduce the numbers in Donegal. The Donegal GAA will lead the challenge by encouraging all its members to refocus the regulations, the awareness, and the well advertised prevention methods. This will allow our county to become a summer destination for visitors, and introduce much needed employment for our many club members, and assist a part of normality to return to our county. Your county needs you.
All individual clubs have been contacted with this message and asked to use all contacts within their community, and their social media platforms, to reinforce this message. In addition to the importance from a health and welfare perspective there is also the danger that differential treatment of our county because of a substantial variation in Covid cases per 100,000 could see Donegal, once again, enduring specific lockdown restrictions, including a halt to all sports activities, as the rest of Ireland opens up.