All venues in all @UlsterGAA Championship games, not just @OfficialDonegal v @TyroneGAALive, are subject to confirmation in the light of Covid-19 Regulations

Donegal are scheduled to play Tyrone in the Ulster Quarterfinal on either Saturday October 31st or Sunday November 1st. The tie was originally scheduled for Ballybofey on May 17th.


There are Covid-19 regulations which govern physical distancing and numbers that can congregate at a single venue but these regulations are subject to change. One only has to look at club fixtures, the starting date of which was very recently moved back from July 31st to July 17th. The Ulster Council CCC (Competitions Control Committee) have quite sensibly deferred any decisions on venues until nearer the dates of the quarterfinals when the regulations which apply are clearer and the advice of bodies external to the GAA such as NEPHED and the Sports Council are taken into consideration.


Media headlines that GAA bosses are denying Donegal home advantage, and subsequent speculation on social media that venues like Croke Park are under consideration, are inaccurate. All venues in all ties, not just Donegal v Tyrone, are still to be confirmed (see Ulster GAA website on link below).